Ways to use technology in the classroom

Ways to use technology in the classroom

Ammouri May 18, 2023 - 09:08 | Updated: May 28, 2023 - 11:32
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The methods of using technology in the classroom have varied, and have contributed greatly to eliminating several problems, such as students dropping out of schools, reducing the failure rate, and other benefits

Methods of using technology helped enhance students' skills and strengthen
cooperaion between them, in addition to its usefulness in helping students share and
discuss their ideas and experiences and btenefit from each other

The use of technology in education has played an important role, which has a positive impact on students and teachers at the same time. Students are now able to take responsibility for their learning. They are now able to conduct various researches aimed at collecting the largest amount of information on a specific topic. 

In addition, technology has made the teacher an additional source, to which students turn if they fail or are unable to accomplish a certain task, after the teacher was previously the only source of information; Thus, the use of technology broke the barriers of traditional education in public schools and even international schools and private schools in Turkey. 

What are the ways to use technology in the classroom?

Using modern technology in teaching helped solve many problems that teachers faced inside and outside the classroom, such as students absenteeism from classes, poor visual and auditory abilities of some students, and other problems.

Therefore, we found a number of means that support the educational process, and help students understand lessons and discuss what they understood and what they did not understand. Here are the most prominent ways to use technology in learning: 

  1. Social Media 

    In light of the spread of social networking sites, and their wide popularity, which prompted students to spend a great deal of time browsing them, creating a class group on these sites is a good and useful idea.

    Through this group, lessons are discussed, questions are asked, articles and media related to the school curriculum, and other topics and news of interest to students are shared.

  2. Preparing motivational activities 

    Preparing motivational activities via the Internet is fun for students, including : playing educational games, watching video clips, taking a tour of the learning station, and so on. These are motivational activities that are often reserved for diligent students who have accomplished their tasks early.

    This method of using technology in the classroom helps to enhance students' information and develop their abilities and skills.

  3. Multimedia 

    Adding pictures, videos, music and other media to your class presentations is one of the best ways to use technology in the classroom. As it is useful in enhancing interaction within the classroom, and facilitates the students' reception of information.

  4.  Educational games

    Games contribute to creating an atmosphere of fun and competition, as well as having several benefits in clarifying ideas and making the abstract tangible, in addition to spreading the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among students.

    Educational games can be applied by using technology in the classroom by creating several simple and easy games, such as: giving some questions to groups of students, and giving them a specific time to search for the correct answers.

  5. Virtual tours

    It is an effective method of education because it allows the student to explore areas, forests, gardens and other landmarks, through virtual tours on electronic maps and their technical branches such as:

    • Google maps.
    • Google Earth.
    • Yandex maps.

  6. Collecting opinions (questionnaires)

    It is one of the ways to use technology in the classroom that allows knowing all the questions and difficulties that students are facing, allowing them to participate and give their opinions or criticisms, and help in finding solutions to problems, etc.

  7. Creating digital content 

    The medium chosen by the teacher allows the student to publish blogs, articles, pictures and other multimedia over the Internet, while preserving his privacy.

    In addition to libraries and e-books, which opened the door wide for unlimited technical uses in all fields of learning and education.

  8. Create a class schedule

    Such as the Google calendar, through which important events and matters in the classroom are added, such as scheduling field trips, or studies and exams, and reference to important books, dates and lessons, which makes access to this information easy.

Benefits of using technology methods in the classroom

There is no doubt that the use of modern technology in education has many benefits for students of international schools in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

  • Enhancing students' skills and developing their abilities.
  • Support communication between students and the teacher, and improve teamwork.
  • Motivating students and pushing them to learn to think in correct ways, and to find a solution to problems.
  • Developing linguistic growth, promoting correct concepts, and teaching proper pronunciation as well.
  • Provide an important and rich source of useful information.
  • Facilitating the application of modern school curricula.
  • Achieving direct contact between the teacher and his student through private Internet networks

Artificial intelligence and education

Artificial intelligence has practiced its own magic in the educational field, giving the student the ability to study with high quality, at low costs, and at any time he wants, as well as extending a helping hand to the student in solving problems and overcoming the difficulties that he may face.

In addition, artificial intelligence contributed to the development of the student's skills in various fields, and provided him with a virtual guide who always follows up on his education, giving him all the evaluations and notes he needs.

Not to mention the applications of artificial intelligence, which represent a magic lamp in terms of answering questions; It can provide a quick and accurate answer to any question the student is looking for.

In addition to providing the best educational and training platforms from different countries, thus providing students with the opportunity to learn any skill they want with ease.

And let's not forget that artificial intelligence has provided translation for various languages, and that is to make the information accessible in the language requested by the student, without assigning the learner the trouble of searching and manual translation, which led to receiving the information with great accuracy and speed. 


From the foregoing, we found that the technology revolution brought about a radical change in the educational system, solved many problems, and provided an opportunity to raise a conscious generation whose heart is filled with love for science and knowledge.

Therefore, we in Al-Mawakeb International Schools only work to include technology techniques in our ranks because we strive hard to give our students and your children the best education that we all aspire to.

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