Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Almawakeb International School in Istanbul offers its students the opportunity to enhance their academic curriculum with co-curricular and extracurricular activities every year. Students can even complete entire academic stages by attending non-curricular classes that teach these additional programs.

Co-curricular and extracurricular programs are any non-curricular activity outside the academic framework, such as arts, robotics, crafts, sports and games, and other activities that develop students' abilities and skills.

Although co-curricular and extracurricular courses are not mandatory, they complement the curriculum and form an important part of its strategy because they provide students with skills that can be applied in most workplaces, including collaboration or critical thinking skills.

Extracurricular activities are also very beneficial for students when applying to some international universities that prefer students who have developed their leadership skills and become more engaged in the community, which increases students' chances of enrolling in the best Turkish international universities.

Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Courses at Almawakeb International School

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are an important part of the American curriculum at Almawakeb International Schools in Turkey for all educational stages. They add a rich and enjoyable flavor to the educational process, which is presented by our experienced teachers and experts.

Some of the co-curricular programs in our schools include:

First- Technology

In addition to our focus on using technology in classrooms, we also place importance on adding it to our non-classroom co-curricular options that develop our students' skills in using different technologies, techniques, and new ideas.

Second- Robotics

Because we are on the verge of a real conquest of robots in all fields Almawakeb International School has included robotics technology among its non-curricular options to study its most important aspects and how it will affect our societies.

Third- Arts

We offer a variety of arts options within our co-curricular and extracurricular courses for students with hobbies, such as: drawing, playing a musical instrument, acting, and others, which nourishes students' talents and skills.

Fourth- Sports

Almawakeb School students, from kindergarten to high school, have the opportunity to participate in various sports and games that develop their skills and nourish their spirit and body.

Fifth- Craft Activities

Craft activities in co-curricular programs are not limited to the advanced educational stages. They are also available for kindergarten to showcase the creative side and develop the child's motor and mental skills.

Overall, at Almawakeb School, one of the best international schools in Istanbul, we are keen to help students choose co-curricular and extracurricular programs that spark their passion and take into account their interests and personal abilities, which achieves the goal of creating young people with attractive abilities for universities and the business community.

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