School Building

In an area covered with sunlight, well ventilated, spacious playgrounds, warm classrooms, there exactly is the model building of Al Mawakeb International Schools, in full compliance with the standards of the Turkish Ministry of Education

A safe place that includes all the means and safety equipment, achieves the optimum comfort for our students, and takes them out of boredom into large spaces of activities, laboratories, technology and sports halls.

Services and Facilities

In order to release their minds to oases of thought and creativity, we provide high-efficiency classrooms in the school building. Well-lit, modernly equipped, comfortable seats, with the best air conditioning and heating, surrounded by sound and heat insulation layers.

Smart boards and teaching aids decorate every wall. Whenever the student turns around, he sees a light piece of information, a nice anecdote, or an exquisite drawing.

As for the science and activities halls, they are equipped with the latest computers and smart devices, and are arranged in an innovative scientific way, based on the quality of the spatial use of each hall, up to the advanced logistical and technological services in it.


The classroom is undoubtedly the most important element of the school building, and it is the focus and essence of the education process, in which the student begins his day to receive knowledge, and neighbors his peers for several hours every day.

It is the first point in which he builds his knowledge and acquires his information, so we designed it to be attractive and a source of stimulation for creativity, outside of ready-made boxes and templates, with typical numbers for each classroom, and with an ideal distribution of seating places, according to the health safety standards observed in these circumstances.

The Library

Within oases of diverse cultures and knowledge, the Library of Al Mawakeb International Schools has a wide range of the best simplified scientific books, informative encyclopedias, and rich literary story series.

Professors encourage their students to refer to dictionaries to develop their linguistic skills, and push them for scientific research within the library space, diversify sources of knowledge, and summarize books that they can read and borrow throughout the year. in addition to enabling them to have technical research tools on the Internet, so that the systematic research cycle is completed in their minds.

The design of the library hall takes into account the organization and tranquility of the places of reading, and the shelves are distributed according to an accurate, easy-to-handle office indexing, in which you can easily find your goal, through objective and alphabetical divisions that facilitate the student to find what he is looking for quickly and easily, regardless of his age group.

Technology and Communications Hall

Programming skills and data science are the foundation of the future, and here are vast arenas for fun competition between our young and old geniuses, where forests of information await scholars and researchers waiting for them to reap their fruits.

We have equipped the Technology Hall with all the technical hardware devices, wired and wireless connection points, and the best programs and applications, within a secure internal information network, so that our students can get the information they are looking for easily, quickly and safely.

And through the high-quality technological services available in our school, from computers with powerful, high-performance processors, and high-speed internet connections, our students have nothing but the task of a passion for learning, and the exchange of knowledge with their teachers and colleagues.

Science Lab

And because science is based on viewing and experience, we work through the science laboratory to consolidate theoretical information in the practical application of what the student learns theoretically in the classroom, through pleasant scientific experiments, in which he employs all his perceptions with sound, image and use.

He watches the facts of physics lying in front of him, between torque, force and resistance, through pendulums, clocks, meters, light meters, and magnifying lenses.

He is dazzled by the colors and vapors of the chemicals and their surprising interactions through decanters, test tubes, graduated cylinders, crucibles and a Bunsen burner.

 All scientific experiments of biology, physics and chemistry are conducted under the microscope lenses and slides, according to laboratory safety standards, wearing masks, gloves and glasses, and following the strictest instructions of supervisors, in the presence of safety equipment and fire extinguishing.

Could science be more fun?

Playgrounds and Gyms

We know the importance of sports for the young people and the youth, and its impact on their health, growth, maturity, strengthening their personality, and exploiting their energies... Therefore, we were keen to provide suitable spaces for our students' favorite sports in summer in 3 outdoor playgrounds, and in winter in indoor gymnasiums.

The playground equipment is of high quality, including floors, equipment, materials, nets, tables, footballs, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc., and we still have more!

Music Hall and Theater

The reader might think that all it contains is a musical instrument and some simple instruments, but it is different in the music room here, we have more!

Various high-quality musical instruments, to develop and refine all the talents that our students possess, under the supervision of specialists in teaching music and art, on our large stage, where young and old enjoy elaborate performances, and wonderful celebrations every year.


Parents are always concerned about the medical services that the students may need if they are exposed to a health problem, or when they need emergency health care.

Accordingly, the school provides an urgent medical care service when needed, with the help of our partners from the finest accredited hospitals and clinics. In addition, the first aid kit is always available under service, and our staff are trained to use them properly in every emergency.

School Transport

The best school transportation services, selecting and evaluating them carefully at the beginning of each year, to provide our students with safe equipped buses, with qualified drivers who are aware of the importance of honesty that we place in their hands on every trip.

Therefore, we always strive to provide certified delivery services in accordance with the Turkish regulations in force, to ensure the comfort and safety of your beloved ones every day, according to the regular prices approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

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