The secondary stage at Al Mawakeb International Schools is more than just an educational stage; It is an integrated community that provides comprehensive education, and dedicates all its tools to supporting students, developing their talents, and developing their potential, in a way that helps them achieve their dreams of academic and creative excellence, and intellectual, emotional, and social growth.
Our school students graduate prepared for university and to become good people equipped with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Secondary stage at Al Mawakeb International Schools

Al Mawakeb International School in Istanbul is keen on the continuous development of teaching methods, curricula and extracurricular activities for the secondary stage. In line with scientific development, and in line with the digital age and its developments.
In order to achieve our goals of elevating the minds of our students and developing their critical and creative thinking, we seek the help of the best secondary school teachers, who have flexibility and high communication skills in order to build positive bonds with students, inside and outside the classroom environment, that motivate them to give their best.

Educational curriculum

We adopt the American curriculum in secondary education at Al Mawakeb International Schools, which uses creative teaching methods based on understanding, analysis, and application, which develops students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
The American curriculum in secondary education is based on advanced standards in science and scientific research that take into account cultural diversity. It also develops students’ personalities and supports their self-confidence by obtaining information through extracurricular activities.
In addition, we rely on the creative “Think with Anos” curriculum, as it is one of our tools in instilling values and morals in the students’ souls, enhancing their national and Arab identity, enhancing self-esteem and emotional intelligence, in addition to developing their creative thinking.
We do not forget to annually review the educational curricula by a specialized academic team, and update them if necessary, in order to help us keep pace with the digital age that is developing instantly, and reach the best educational level.


Subjects at the secondary level are divided into more precise branches that contain a larger amount of information covering each subject, and this will help students pass the twelfth grade exams and move on to university education.
Secondary grades also include curricula dealing with entrepreneurship, social communication, media, and information technology.
We focus on empowering our students with the English and Turkish languages, starting from the ninth to twelfth grade, because they are basic subjects in the most important Turkish and international universities.
As for the eleventh and twelfth grades, students choose subjects based on their interests, professional and future aspirations, and the university major they hope to enroll in.
We ensure that the English and Mathematics curricula contribute to preparing students for the SAT exam, along with the courses and mock exams we provide that qualify them to pass the test and enroll in the best universities.
Students who do not obtain high scores on the SAT test can retake the test up to 6 times. In order to improve their grades and raise the final average.
We also offer our students Advanced Placement (AP) courses that prepare them to enroll in universities, and obtain additional advantages in the admission processes of leading universities, by helping them acquire time management skills, critical thinking, and scientific writing.

Extracurricular activities at the secondary level

Al Mawakeb School focuses on extracurricular activities, taking them as a means of developing higher-order thinking skills, developing creative skills, building a strong personality, improving self-management skills, and developing life skills and the ability to adapt.
These activities provide opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and collective responsibility, physical strength, endurance, and competition, as well as deepening the concept of the values of cultural diversity.
In addition, extracurricular activities provide a channel to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom environment, giving students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-world context, increasing their sense of connection to school, and thus increasing their academic and academic achievement.

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