Nursery and Kindergarten

Based on our belief that the child's learning through curiosity, play, and exploration is the basis for intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development; We, in the nursery and kindergarten at Al Mawakeb International Schools, build our educational plan and curriculum on playing and employing all senses in order to learn and acquire skills, to ensure that your child's first study experience is a safe and lively experience. 

Nursery and Kindergarten in Al Mawakeb International Schools

The ages of our children in the kindergarten stage range from 3-5 years, from different cultures and nationalities. They receive education in a separate section in Al-Mawakeb International Schools, from 9-3, in classrooms that suit the nature of the creative curricula, and on an area of ​​​​outdoor playgrounds amidst green spaces, to suit activities based on interaction and directed play.

Where we give children the opportunity to play, learn, grow, and acquire skills through active participation in the classroom environment; We play and sing, read and write, listen and talk, observe and explore, practice hobbies, and interact with our classmates and teachers every day.

When teaching languages, we work on teaching the language in a practical and applied manner by focusing on the skill of speaking and building daily conversations using the language, whether it is Arabic, English or Turkish alike, which enhances the student’s confidence and his integration into society inside and outside the school.

And when teaching mathematics; We learn about numbers, we deal with mathematical concepts of subtraction and addition continuously until the concept is well understood, we observe and compare measurements and standards, and we get to know basic geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles.

And in science; We explore our five senses, as we learn about the four seasons, weather and climate, and we also learn about the characteristics of the earth, plants and animals, and we learn how to deal with and preserve them. 

And when it comes time to write; We enhance children's awareness of the shapes of letters and written words; By shaping it with different materials, down to writing words and short sentences, while using strategies that enhance their love of reading and writing as a first step towards launching into the horizons of free reading in the future. 

In social studies and life skills; We learn about simple maps, different cultures, historical figures, how people live and work together, and how to be good and influential citizens in society. 

In religious education classes, we focus on the spiritual aspects and linking the child with the curriculum of values ​​and morals based on religion and observing God in words and actions. 

In the art class; We draw and paint, sculpt and shape, cut and paste, and get to know the texture of things; We master fine motor skills, such as shaping skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as developing imagination and innovation

Educational curriculum 

At Al-Mawakeb International Schools Kindergarten, we adopt an educational approach that emphasizes learning through guided play, and prepares children for school. Because it is based on creative teaching methods that elevate students' minds in various fields of science and knowledge.

Where we provide our children in kindergarten and nursery with advanced curricula based on effective classroom and extra-curricular participation, and focus on creativity, innovation and the development of critical thinking, in a way that develops the child’s psychological, social, and scientific capabilities, and builds his moral and creative personality. 

Kindergarten teachers in Al Mawakeb International Schools 

Kindergarten teachers in Al Mawakeb International Schools

Our academic staff consists of teachers specialized in the field of education in its early stages, with long experience in planning and hard work regarding meeting the educational and psychological needs of each child in particular, as well as how to provide appropriate support for them to learn within the framework of their educational and social environment among their colleagues and peers.

Our teachers also focus on building strong relationships and developing means of communication with the families of our dear kindergarten children on a continuous and effective basis throughout the school year.

school day

1- 2 Turkish language classes

2- 5 Arabic language classes

3- 5 English language classes

4- 5 Mathematics classes

5- 2 Science classes

6- 5 Social studies and life skills classes

7- 2 Religious education classes

8- 5 Art education classes

Kindergarten facilities

  1. A secure outdoor playground rich in green spaces and equipped with games that are suitable for children of this age.
  2. An indoor hall dedicated to games, physical education classes, and extracurricular activities.
  3. Smart classrooms equipped with the latest technology, and equipped with the finest seats, shelves, and furniture.
  4. A dining hall especially equipped for the kindergarten section, where healthy, high-quality meals are served. 

Developmental goals in preschool and kindergarten 

Our kindergarten aims to build the child's self-esteem, by developing his sense of satisfaction with his identity and personality, as well as enhancing his confidence in his abilities, advantages, and talents.

We are interested in teaching your child communication skills through teamwork and playing with others, which develops social participation, role-playing, good listening, and effective harmony with others during his foundation studies in the kindergarten department.

We also care about teaching the child independence, perseverance, how to follow the rules of dealing in the classroom environment, and the rules of good behavior inside and outside the school.

Al Mawakeb International Schools seeks, through classroom and extra-curricular activities based on the developed Montessori curriculum, to develop the child's skills and abilities, starting with developing his large motor skills that develop movement and flexibility of the body in general through running, jumping, and various rhythmic activities.

Down to the development of small motor skills that develop some specific muscles in the hands using clay, cutting and pasting, drawing and coloring, in addition to many sensory activities in which touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing are used as a means of communication with the external environment, thus working to strengthen the link between them and their environment.

In addition to enhancing critical thinking and scientific research skills, from setting and verifying hypotheses to reaching results and linking them with life and the development of modern science.

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