The preparatory or intermediate stage is the bridge between primary and secondary education, during which students receive curricular and extracurricular activities appropriate for this age, which qualifies them to choose subjects that are compatible with their interests, academic abilities, and professional goals, in the next stage of education.

The preparatory stage in Al-Mawakeb International Schools

Al Mawakeb International Schools aims to develop effective strategies that reflect societal diversity, support the smooth transition of students from one stage to another, monitor and direct behavior, as well as develop students' problem-solving skills during and after transition.

Students in the intermediate stage study curricula based on critical thinking, through scientific and literary subjects that keep pace with scientific and technological development in the current era, while using activities in teaching that develop their creativity and innovation skills.

Educational Curriculum

At Al Mawakeb International Schools in Istanbul, we adopt the American curriculum approved by the State of California, as a means to hone the skills and abilities of students in the intermediate stage, through creative teaching methods based on classroom and extracurricular activities and advanced educational materials in science and scientific research.

The American curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards (CCSS) for English and Mathematics, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Science, which develop the student’s scientific research skills, critical thinking and innovation, and strengthen his personality and self-confidence.


And because we are keen to inculcate values ​​and morals in the hearts of students, and to strengthen their national and Arab identity, we also rely on a curriculum that cares about values ​​and morals, which enhances self-esteem and emotional intelligence, as well as developing their creative and critical thinking.

In preparing the middle school curriculum, we take into account that it qualifies for secondary education, by developing skills that will enable students to choose academic subjects that are compatible with their aspiration for future goals, and in a manner commensurate with their academic capabilities.

Moreover, we review and revise our approved educational curricula every year by a specialized team, and constantly update them when the need arises. In order to keep pace with the digital age that is evolving momentarily, and to reach the best educational level. 

Extracurricular activities

And all of this will only take place in light of the extracurricular activities in which students engage, and help them advance and hone their talent, and unleash their potential and creativity, the most prominent of which are physical activities, and the completion of projects within the framework of the team.

The American curriculum makes students depend on themselves in extracting information, while the role of the teacher is limited to guidance and advice, in addition to preparing and supervising plans and extracurricular activities. He is the leader, facilitator and guide 

Study materials in the preparatory stage

Communication media, such as tablets and computers, are one of the basic student tools at Al Mawakeb International School, where digital textbooks for all subjects in the intermediate stage are kept.

The digital books in our schools, issued by HMH Education, are all focused on learning STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as applied technology and robotics. 

With regard to the general framework of the curricula, we have relied on the best Arabic and Turkish curricula in preparing literary and human subjects, while we have adopted a special curriculum for religious education in the international procession schools, in both Arabic and English.

In the subject of the English language, the framework of the curriculum involves technology, systems, skills, and simulation, along with speaking and writing skills, and receiving and comprehending that reading and listening develop. We also established classes to strengthen the language with a specialized teacher for non-native speakers.

As for the Arabic language, it will be on two levels; The first is for native speakers, and adopts a curriculum that focuses on writing skills, grammar, and advanced language levels.

As for the second level, it is for non-native speakers, and it focuses on the basic skills of the language, in addition to the language of daily transactions, then the level develops gradually until it reaches advanced levels.

The teacher at Al Mawakeb School is the initiating teacher who arouses in his students’ interest, curiosity, investigation, research, how to learn, and the arts of criticism. He asks questions that raise their thinking to test their hypotheses and derive the correct solutions. He encourages his students to ask questions themselves and search for their answers. A researcher teacher who has high research skills is aware of the importance of research, so he teaches his students research skills according to their capabilities.

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